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Laboratory Outpatient Reports

Outpatient results are available through Epic upon completion of the test.  Additionally, the laboratory and Information Services have established interfaces with several external electronic medical record systems so that results can post directly in physician practice’s patient management system.  Paper charts are also generated at various times and location to printers and fax machines within the laboratory, WellSpan Medical Group practices, nursing homes and other physician offices.

Outpatient Clinical Lab and Anatomic Pathology reports are generated by the laboratory Monday through Friday.  These reports are placed in the mail Monday through Friday and should reach their destination within one or two days. Supplemental delivery of reports by courier or fax may be provided in some cases.  For WellSpan Medical Group practices, reports are generated to their office printers.
If any difficulties are experienced receiving clinical lab reports on a timely basis, contact one of the following:

  • Chambersburg Hospital:  Laboratory Office staff at (717) 267-7965. 
  • Ephrata Community Hospital:  Clinical Lab staff at (717) 738-6415.
  • Gettysburg Hospital:  Laboratory Office staff at (717) 337-4120. 
  • Good Samaritan Hospital:  Clinical Lab staff at (717) 270-7555.
  • Waynesboro Hospital:  Clinical Lab staff at (717) 765-3415.
  • York Hospital:  Clinical Laboratory Office staff at (717) 851-2511 or the Anatomic Pathology Office at (717) 851-5001. Comments concerning courier delivered reports should be directed to the TransLab Services Supervisor at (717) 851-1435.

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