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Semen Collection Procedure

The semen collection procedure is to be used for either a complete semen analysis or a post-vasectomy screen.



At least six ejaculations are needed for spermatozoa to clear from the semen after vasectomy. Collect the specimen after this period of time as instructed by the doctor.

Complete semen analysis

A 2-4 day abstinence period is necessary for this test.



The collection container should be a clean wide-mouth glass jar or a sterile specimen container.

Complete semen analysis

The Seminal Fluid Collection Kit supplied by the laboratory should be used.


1. The specimen can be obtained by masturbation and ejaculated directly into the specimen container. Collect the entire specimen avoiding spillage. If any of the specimen is spilled, label the sample container as incomplete specimen.

2. The sample can be obtained through intercourse if the non-spermicidal polyurethrane condom provided in the Seminal Fluid Collecting Kit is used. Other condoms are not acceptable because they often contain spermicidal lubricants and powders.

Note: Contraceptive solutions and lubricants cannot be used.


The sample must be maintained at a temperature between room and body temperature until it is submitted. Keep the sample close to the body to keep it warm. Label the specimen container with patient's name, date of birth, and date and time of collection.

For York Hospital, deliver the specimen to the York Hospital Laboratory Outpatient Collection area within one hour after collection between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday.No weekends or holidays. Go to the York Hospital Central Registration area first. If necessary, special arrangements can be made with the lab to accept specimens on a Saturday morning by calling (717) 851-2579.

For GettysburgHospital, all semen analysis testing must be scheduled by calling (717) 337-4120, ext. 75127. Deliver the specimen within one hour after collection for post-vasectomy samples and thirty minutes after collection for complete semen analysis between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 10 a.m., Monday through Friday. No weekends or holidays.

For a complete semen analysis, fill out the following information on the semen specimen collection form and submit it along with the specimen.

1. What time was the specimen collected?

2. Was any of the specimen spilled? If so, when?

3. I did not have an ejaculate for ___days before producing this specimen.

4. Method of sample collection: ___masturbation ___intercourse using Seminal Fluid Collection Kit.