Patient Requests for Results

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) is a law which was passed to promote more standardization in the health care industry.  While patients have the right to obtain a copy of their results, we have an obligation to establish appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of health information. 
To ensure confidentiality and to preclude unauthorized disclosure of laboratory test results, we will deliver, mail, fax, or electronically transfer test results only to known physician practice locations.  We will not give test results to an unknown caller without validation that the caller is an authorized clinician. 
Laboratory results for routine tests are generally available to the ordering clinician within 24 hours.  Patient requests for their laboratory results will be directed to obtain results by:

  • Enroll in MyWellSpan, a secure patient portal that provides WellSpan patients a direct view to their lab test results.  How to enroll in MyWellSpan and what to expect can be found at

  • Contacting their clinician directly

  • Coming to the Medical Records Department at York Hospital or the Gettysburg Laboratory with one form of photo identification with a signature.  The patient will be asked to sign the Patient Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form.  A fee is charged for a copy of the results.

  • Under special circumstances, the laboratory will provide the patient with a copy if: 

    • The urgency of the medical care requires it and
    • The physician specifically makes the request and
    • The patient has photo identification and signs the Patient Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information form.